Mustang II Rack and Pinion Manual 2

Mustang II Rack and Pinion Manual 2

Part No.: FR1502

Price: $255.99

Mustang II Rack and Pinion Manual 2 Product Description:

Mustang II Rack & Pinion - Manual. The Mustang II manual rack & pinion is designed to meet the high standards of today's street rod builders. This design features high-quality, aluminum castings, two mounting holes and a chrome plated steel center tube. This is an all NEW Flaming River manufactured unit which uses the latest engineering technology such as long wearing, nylon insert inner ends. Steering specifications: 4.15 turns lock-to-lock; rack travel 5.25. A manual rack & pinion is ideal for a responsive steering system in street rods and it eliminates the oversteer common with the power rack.

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