5 Gauge Mechanical Set Black

5 Gauge Mechanical Set Black

Part No.: CYBCE5715

Price: $199.99


5 Gauge Mechanical Set Black Product Description:

Southern Rods is proud to announce the release of its Mechanical Speedometer Kit to the marketplace. The Mechanical Speedo is 3 3/8" diameter.The four small gauges are 2 1/6" and use electric senders. 

Sets are available in five colors: black, white, cream, gold and silver.


• UV stabilized pointers and dials.

• Scratch-resistant domed glass lens.

• Perimiter lit dial.

• All required senders are included.

• All gauges have steel housing which is

perfect for temperature variation and

battles lens fogging.


• Speedometer,

0-140 mph

4, 6 or 8 cylinder

• Fuel Gauge

• Oil Pressure Gauge

• Water Temperature

Gauge, 10-280°F

• Voltage Gauge

• Oil Pressure Sender,

0-100 psi

• Water Temperature


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