Carburetors Slayer Series 750cfm

Carburetors Slayer Series 750cfm

Part No.: SL-750-VS

Price: $438.95

Carburetors Slayer Series 750cfmCarburetors Slayer Series 750cfm

Carburetors Slayer Series 750cfm Product Description:

The new Slayer Series is designed with many of the same engineering innovations and features that are built into all QFT™ race-winning carburetors. This spirit has lead to the development of a new affordable 600 and 750cfm vacuum secondary street carburetor. The unique design utilizes a secondary metering plate with changeable jets, eliminating the costly secondary metering block unneeded for most street applications. The Slayer Series also offers all aluminum construction and hand-built quality.

Key features include:

  • Changeable idle air and high-speed bleeds
  • 3-Stage emulsion circuits in primary metering block
  • Changeable primary idle feed restrictions and power valve channel restrictions
  • QFT™ QuickSet™ adjustment on the vacuum secondary housing that provides external adjustment of the diaphragm without changing springs
  • Notched secondary float for use with jet extensions
  • Secondary metering plate with changeable jets
  • Fully adjustable electric choke
  • Polished finish for superior good looks

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