Meziere Black 100 series water pump BB chevy

Meziere Black 100 series water pump BB chevy

Part No.: WP100S

Price: $408.73


Meziere Black 100 series water pump BB chevy Product Description:

Chevy - Big Block

This pump is recommended for Sport, Drag Cars and Mild Street Cars. All 100 Series pumps for Chevys are machined with enough back spacing to clear cam belt drives and are compatible with most roots blower drives. Passenger side inlet port standard. 1'' NPT inlet port required

Meziere 100 Series electric water pumps deliver 35-40 gpm of flow. Because they're electric, you won't have the usual horsepower loss at high rpm caused by a mechanical pump's impeller. Plus, their lightweight billet aluminum construction reduces overall engine weight. These pumps also feature CNC-machined aluminum housings, epoxy coated motor windings, an RF suppression circuit, and a one-piece, carbon-ceramic seal. They're available for a wide variety of V8 engines, including LT1 and LS1.

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