TS6 "DISC" Style Throttle Stops

TS6 "DISC" Style Throttle Stops

Part No.: TS6

Price: $1,029.95

TS6 "DISC" Style Throttle Stops Product Description:

If you demand maximum horsepower, this is the stop for you. Mounted underneath a Dominator carburetor, it looks and acts like a 4 hole carb spacer. No restriction to flow at wide open means NO POWER LOSS! Exceptional repeatability when closed because air / fuel openings are in the center of the carb bore.


    • Designed specifically for the highest mile per hour cars.

    • No flow restrictions for maximum horsepower.

    • Needle bearings for smooth, precise activation.

    • Centered openings for best repeatability.

    • Simple and accurate adjustability.

    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass.

    • Adjustable opening and closing rates.

    • Low Profile - only 1.5 inches tall.

    • Packages complete with solenoid valve, airlines and fittings.

Model TS6- DISC Style Throttle Stop - fits Dominator Holley

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